IC Paving and Walling cc is a dynamic, well-established Durban paving company who has been providing customers with quality materials and workmanship since 1993. Over the last 22 years IC Paving and Walling cc has developed specialist skills in paving, retaining walls and asphalt (tar) in the commercial, industrial and residential markets.

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Retaining Walls

We specialize in the Terraforce L22 and Terraforce L13 from Corobrik as well as the Terrace Block and Loffelstein from Infraset (previously Grinaker).

The interlocking systems are unique as it offers versatility, adaptability and plantability for all kinds of situations. They are available for both light and heavy duty usage in a variety of colours and textures. Engineer's specifications and stability reports are available on request..

Applications include: retaining walls, landscaping, seating and stepping arrangements as depicted in the pictures




The proven Terraforce earth retaining elements have been designed to suit this country's harsh climatic conditions. A closed vertical and open horizontal surface structure offers advantages of true plantability, uninhibited root and water penetration, structural integrity through effective interlock in the horizontal and vertical planes. The reversible shape offers unmatched versatility. To effectively resist the overturning moments and sliding-shear forces experienced in mass gravity, earth retaining situations, emphasis has been placed on the following aspects:


1. Closed vertical surface structure provides maximum amount of soil (mass) within the wall and prevents backfill spillage, especially during compaction while at the same time offering uninhibited permeability.

2. Superior bearing capacity is provided by double wall thickness of adjoining elements which also means a broad base for substantial block on block frictional resistance. Flush fitting, horizontal interlock over full width of structure effectively avoids point loads and performs even when forming relatively sharp convex or concave curves. The units are made on static machines, capable of producing a very dense concrete product of uniform shape and strength. This also facilitates accurate horizontal alignment.
3. Vertical Interlock in the form of close fitting concrete keys provides postive shear resistance at all wall inclinations. Continuous soil core and root systems within the elements provide extra strength. Where further strength is required the designer may resort to reinforcing the backfill with geofabrics or partially / fully filling the elements with reinforced concrete. Double rows present another possibility.


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